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25 Scenarios


The objective of this workshop is to quantify our views on the imbalance in our knowledge of the properties of over Mind over Matter.


Notes on the Working Paper


( illustration )
This illustrates how the Question & Answer Paper is completed ,
where you think the 100%  allowance for the Subject matter shown in the central column is split 60% to the mind and 40% to the matter, and visa versa for other questions. If you feel that you would like to qualify your answer in writing please write it on the same line, or in the space at the end of the question for this purpose.


1) A familiar room :-
You are in a familiar room. Since your last visit one of the wall pictures has been changed, same position, size and frame but a different image. Some will notice the change, but others won’t, why?  Both the Mind and the Matter sides take part, but in what proportions?


2) Planning a Strategy :-
Requires:-  Objective, imagination, planning, power of reason, intuition, curiosity.  Both ‘mind and matter’ must participate, but in what proportions?


3) Need to sleep :-
Need to sleep with someone you trust and love, who trusts and loves you’ Sleep is essential to our well being, but while asleep we are at our most vulnerable. In the modern world we tend to sleep in rooms, in buildings or houses with doors and windows secured from the inside.

Thousands of years ago, in a warm climate like African, our ancestors often slept in the open around the dying embers of a camp fire. Wild animals at that time must have learnt that the smell of smoke meant a bush fire and hence danger as a result the smoke from a camp fire would make them cautious about approaching, even though they could sense tasty human being sleeping there. Over the millennium we must have learnt this same smoke meant security and if it was very low or absent, we needed to wake up and add more fuel to the dying embers. This would appear to be a brain (matter) but is it?

(It is possible that this association with this type of light smoke and security instilled in some of us the need to smoke cigarettes.)


4) Freewill :-
There is no doubt, a large part of our activities are pre-trained, practised actions. We could not eat, or drive a car without them. The question is, when presented with the need to decide which way to go on a journey, where there is a choice, ‘who’ decides which route to take, ‘you’ as your conscious ‘mind’, or ?


5) Affection :-
The glue that can make life worth living, and make the heart skip a beat. Mind or matter ?


6) Misreading text :-
Generally when reading, the words and the sense that they convey, flows smoothly through my mind. But every so often, it is disjointed, and I say to my self that sounds odd. So I reread the previous text and find the error. Often just a single word. This is intriguing, it suggests that my mind, from the meaning of the text, anticipates the words to come and when they don’t fit, it protests and I reread the text and find the error. In other words my mind appears to be monitoring my matter by observing the signals coming from my eyes to my brain. An example:- ‘a’ is visually very similar to ‘e’ and visa versa. Is this misreading equally a mind or matter problem, or more one than the other?


7) Music :-
Music can be both stimulating and soothing. Annoying and exciting, it can make you hum a tune, tap your feet, all ‘matter’ experiences. It can make you drift off to sleep. Is it mind or matter? or a bit of each?

8) There are three types of music :-
Classical, Light or Energetic Pop


9) Classical :-
When Rachmaninoff composed Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 - which was dominant in his head, his mind or his matter? similarly with Light music and Energetic Pop


10) Mathematics :-
Mathematics appears to be fundamental parts of the structure of the Universe and exists regardless of us.

For some, a facility with it is strong , but for others weak. It can divide communities. It would seam to be a ‘mind’ activity but is it? Discuss.


11) Urge to Act :-
You see, or remember something that needs doing, will it wait, or is it urgent. Which side of your, mind or matter, decides the priority and initiates action?


12) An old friend :-
‘Searching for the name of an old friend, you have just thought about:’

The main memory store for such names would seem to reside in the physical brain (matter), which is often not readily accessible to the mental (mind) side of us. But a name can be generated by thinking hard and/or picturing the person in mind, in which case the brain may reveal a search result either by saying the name out loud, or more commonly, via the silent voice in your head using your the SVG (silent voice generator). This is not necessarily the end of the search, because the mind now has to decide whether the name offered ‘fits’. If the name offered is not acceptable to your mind, then the search is reinstated, until the mind is satisfied, or the search is abandoned. This raises the question, to decide if the name offered‘ fits’ does the mind need to have a memory of its own against which it can referee when making the decision.

With most people this process is almost instantaneous, being quick and accurate. But as we get older, or tired a slower search results, often taking not just minutes, but hours, even days to produce an answer, with a name coming out of the blue.

To answer the question, you need to decide whether the mind is solely in charge of the search, which it clearly is not, and if not, the % distribution between mind and matter. Obviously the brain (matter) has done work searching its records, but by what % out of 100.


13) Fellowship/Companionship :-
‘Emotional Feelings - Joy, Happiness, Fear, Love’ and ‘Fellowship and Humorous by nature’ are the glues that hold us together. Mind or matter, some of each?


14) Sovereignty :-
We are all Subject to the Sovereignty ’of others and being good/bad at observing laws, orders and procedures. mind or matter split?

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