15) Remorse/Sorrow/Despondency :-
‘Sorrow, Disappointment, Despondency, Worry’ How is this split between mind and matter


16) A trusted person :-
‘Need for a trusted person to talk to. Is this more mind than matter?


17) Order out of chaos :-
Instinct to make order out of chaos, is it a natural survival instinct, Puzzles are a good starting point --‘Compulsion to finish a jig saw puzzle’ ---------------


18) Impromptu Speech :-
‘Setting up a ‘Well Rehearsed Impromptu Speech’ much of our conversation and discourse is as a result of much prior thought and verbal practice. Which is the instigator of this preparation, mind or matter?


19) The Book :-
A well known author was asked which was his best book . He laughed ‘The book’. He said years ago he was in the garden potting out some plants, it was a lovely warm and sunny afternoon, and as he worked the outline of a story came into his head, in incredible detail.

He said my hands were dirty and ‘tea’ was due in a few minutes, so I finished off the work washed my hands and went to write it down in outline. By now it was all gone, only leaving the feeling of excitement and awe. As they say if you think of something useful, write it down, there and then. The question is, in which part of the author's head did he experience the story? Mind or matter?


20) Lost in a book :-
Even if you cannot read, if you hear or read a good, thrilling story you can get totally lost in it, itching to know how it will unfold. Is this mind or matter?


21) Problem solving :- Our current way of life is almost entirely based on our ability to solve problems, often initiated by curiosity. Generally problem solving needs a great deal of prior knowledge together with new knowledge, intuition and a few lucky guesses. What is the split between mind and matter?


22) Talking to yourself :-
We all do this, the question is who is talking to who? The mind is thinking, but to talk the tongue needs to move which involves instructions from the mind and matter. Discuss.


23) A personality :-
There are some people, who attract attention with their looks; voice; choice of words; knowledge; mannerisms; general demeanour and personality. What is the split between mind and matter


24) Fiat 500 :-
Years ago, on a sunny morning I drove over from Cambridge to Benson to see my father. The main road leads on from Aylesbury - Thame under the M40 - Watlington -Britwell Salomeand then on to Benson. After Britwell Salome there is an S bend leading into a long straight rising up to the horizon. There are dense, continuous hedges on both sides of the road. As I entered the straight at about 50mph a dark coloured Fiat 500 caught up with me and I saw in the mirror that it intended over taking me. With out any conscious intent my left hand moved over and pressed the ‘hazard light button’ and I saw the Fiat pull back. I then returned my sight to the empty road ahead. To my surprise, within seconds a car appeared out of the right hedge turning towards me and passed my offside at about 20 to 30mph. As nothing unusual had happened it took some minutes for it to sink in how close the three of us had been to a very serious accident. The Fiat driver obviously thought the same, during the remaining five miles to Benson never got near me, staying twenty or more car lengths behind me! The roads involved can clearly be seen on Googal Earth. I pressed the hazard button at 51°37’49.54” North / 1°02’25.36” West just seconds away from the car coming from Brightwell Upperton. My family said my guardian angle was watching me! The question is, of the 100% split between mind and matter, should some of this be set aside for something else and if so what, and how much?

The trouble for science with these sort of events is that they are not repeatable, very real all the same.


25) Answer Phone :-
I have a BT phone with call recording facility. If a call comes in while I am out, and the recording facility kicks in, then at ten second intervals, the phone starts to plays a quiet alerting ‘beep’. This will continue until I pick the phone up. Sounds nice and simple. But in practice something else kicks in. When I get back and open the front door if I hear the ‘beep’, I stop and wait to hear if there is another beep, confirming a recording. Although the wait is never more than ten seconds it can seem ages. This puzzled me. I can sit in a chair, and five to ten minutes can easily slip by. Why such a difference? I think my genetic mind may interpret the ‘beep’ as the hiss of a snake or other danger, and caution makes me freeze. Awareness of time is a very variable experience. A hunter’s instinct? Discuss, mind or matter?

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