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“Is the Homo Sapiens long term reign in jeopardy?” Not  yet, but current events cannot help but make one wonder, when an absolutely minuscule virus can have such a profound effect on us all. We have been slumbering and it’s time to wake up.

In the equation Mind over Matter there is an imbalance, in that we have extensive knowledge of Matter, we can examine it under a microscope, tweak it, etc, but the mind, which is really us, is elusive and not generally thought about knowing more about ourselves could be helpful. What are its properties?

Attached are the Results of a lunch time workshop held in the U3AC lecture rooms here in Cambridge on the 23rd July 2019 showing, for the subjects on 2019 A List attached, the % split of 100 which the participants  felt should be allocated to the Mind, and to the Matter. Highlighting the part the participants thought the Mind played. It is necessary to be awake for the Mind to consciously function, except that many ideas appear to arise from sleeping. This, either supports, or contradicts the view held by some, that science feels that our natural state is sleeping!  The part sleep plays, or the lack of it, can be profound.

The definition of "Matter" also needed to be considered. A common definition is that if something has mass and occupies space, it is Matter. It is better to think of it the  other way round, in that the following, are not Matter:-  Light,  Sound,  Heat, Thoughts, Dreams, Emotions, all, for this work fall into the category of the Mind.

An interesting field, to contribute to this important subject please let us have your views and thoughts, through the Contact page at the end.

( 'A' says to 'B' I like what you are doing so count me in.  Hence "I me' )